Newcastle United Drop The Christmas Party Fearing That It Is Going To Send The Wrong Message To The Fans

Newcastle United announced this for the second consecutive year that the team has dropped the annual Christmas party. Since they have been in the battle of relegation yet again, it has increased the fears that this party is going to send out a wrong message to the fans that the squad isn’t serious about the relegation battle.

With a victory over Huddersfield with 1-0, Newcastle United has risen up by 14 points. This is 6 points over the relegation zone. During this time in the last season, Newcastle had been only one point above sixteenth. Irrespective of this the team is not having any party.

Newcastle might not be on par with Liverpool or Manchester; however, they are the most famous team in England. Irrespective of facing some hard times recently, fans fill the 52 k seats at the Saint James Park. Mike Ashley, the owners have been referred to as cheap by the fans and also the media. As a matter of fact, he is known to have spent much less than the other teams rather than depending on Benitez to put a miraculous effort for keeping the Premier League. This is a clever and sensible attempt but since millions are being raised because of the huge TV deals, the fans believe that Ashley can afford to spend more money on ascertaining safety in the Premier League.

It is not the player’s fault or Rafa Benitez’s fault. Newcastle is in this position because of Mike Ashley. Media, as well as fans, both know. Moreover, this is not on the fans of Newcastle as much as this is in general. Fans should get over themselves as they see a professional athlete out.