The New Win Of The Season For Newcastle United

Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United has not yet given an indication to Rafa Benitez regarding his transfer budget for January. The billionaire was a part of the previous 6 matches of United and will be now present at St James Park to watch the AFC Bournemouth clash. He saw the Magpies achieving victory over Watford which took place last weekend. Post the game; Newcastle United owner personally congratulated the squad by visiting them at the dressing room. He also spoke with Benitez and thanked the United manager for leading a victory to Newcastle after 10 attempts in the past.

In a short span of 2 months, the till the January window is open, the recruitment of Newcastle team would scout a host of players which will also have strikers on the Continent. Benitez said his discussions with Ashley have yet not led to any assurances of money from the owner. The Spaniard only had 6 months remaining on his existing deal and Benitez postponed discussions until the mid-season window. There are endless opportunities to discuss but it is also important to currently improvise what they have now as the future can definitely wait as per Benitez.

If they achieve victory against Bournemouth, they will certainly win 2 to 3 other games as well. This would make a huge difference to their season said the manager. He was keen on focusing on the need of Newcastle to back up their first win of the season with a positive outcome. Benitez has instructed his players to remain focused and achieve back-to-back victories. It is undoubtedly a tough game, but Benitez is confident that the team can do well to win. It is going to be a great confidence boost for the team and they will have plenty of chances to take part in competitions.