Ashley wants Newcastle United to improve

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley said that he wants the team to improve and that he will be providing the manager Rafael Benitez with every penny that the club makes. He acknowledges that the former Liverpool manager has been doing a great job in recent years and that he will be supporting him in the transfer market.

However, Ashley has made these kinds of promises time and again in the past and each time he has failed to provide the manager with money. The one time when Mike Ashley invests money in the club is when they are relegated and once Newcastle United is back in the Premier League the owner fails to provide any additional transfer budget.

The Magpies has suffered a lot financially from being relegated from the Premier League as teams in the top flight have been benefiting from the increase TV rights payments. If Newcastle United gets relegated again they will again be missing on the ever-increasing financial rewards and may cause the club to lose its value.

The Spanish manager has held talks with Mike Ashley and has told him that he will need more money if the club is to improve further. He believes that Newcastle United has the potential and the resources to play in Europe and it is up to the owner to provide the necessary money to allow this.

There has been also news of a possible takeover for the club but it is reported that the deal might fail because Mike Ashley is looking for more money at the last minute.

Whether it is with a new owner or with Mike Ashley at the head of the club, Newcastle United will need some additional finance if they are to improve their position at the end of the season.